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I often joke that all of my teeth are sweet teeth! The Sinless Sweet Tooth was born out of my adoration for baking and all things sweet combined with my choice to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have always been a health and wellness aficionado. I am a Mom of 3, Esthetician, and Former Pilates instructor. I care so much about what goes into my body and my family's bodies! I began my sugar-free, carb-conscious baking journey over a decade ago, after developing several dietary sensitivities. Experimentation with gluten-free flours, non-dairy alternatives, and natural sugar substitutes resulted in the creation of the most delicious and satisfying desserts I've ever tasted. I have become an expert in this style of baking and want to share my recipes with all of you! Whether you are Keto or Paleo, suffer from dietary sensitivities, or just want healthy dessert options, you'll love all of my sinless, guilt-free desserts.

Life is short...enjoy the sweets! 


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